About Us

Hegemony Software is the cutting edge of mobile app development.

We believe in making software that makes people's lives easier. We're in the middle of the biggest technological revolution in the history of mankind. Our goal is to make that technology work for the average person. With smartphones in the hands of over 80% of the population, the time is right to democritize technology for all, taking society to the next step.

Our Specialities

Engineering that just works.

At Hegemony, a solid engineering framework comes first. Our products are rock solid reliable from start to finish.

An interface you can't put down.

A one in a million idea doesn't work if nobody can use it. Our engineers and designers work hand in hand to ensure that the interface for your product is simple and smooth.

Architecture that scales.

The best kind of problem is a growth problem, but better to head those off before they become problems at all. Our goal is to write software doesn't care whether you're the first user or the millionth.


Meet our Executive Team

Joseph Gabriel

Investor and Board Member

A process-oriented professional, Joseph got his start at Egghead Software, before leaving to start his first business. He brings his success in taking a sole-proprietor startup to a 78-million-dollar business, as he leads the business strategies of Hegemony Software.

Wrenetta Williams

Chief Operations Officer

Wrenetta’s sales career began with Proctor Gamble in the early 80’s. Since then, she has managed large-scale Public Relations and Marketing teams for over thirty years. Her strong skill base comes together to power our rapid growth at Hegemony Software.

Collin Watts

Chief Executive Officer

Collin has been writing software for over a decade, specializing in mobile development and later in artificial intelligence. Before joining us at Hegemony, he worked as a software engineer in the Atlanta area and as an educator at UGA, his alma mater. He now uses this expertise to head the software engineering teams here at Hegemony Software.